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Monday | March 27, 2017

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There's still time to visit Gulf Print and Pack 2017

Gulf Print & Pack 2017 is a free opportunity to review the latest print technology and learn how you can use it to grow your business.

It's the Middle East and North Africa's largest exhibition for commercial and package printers, with more technology and solutions than any other show
in the region.

There's two days to go

The show is open every day until 29 March, so you still have two days to see it all! 

Don't miss it!

Join over 12,000 print professionals who are coming to find the inspiration and innovation they need to develop business-winning strategies, solutions and products. 

Gulf Print & Pack 2017


Free entry

Business strategy

“There is a major shift by successful print service providers in their engagement with their customers”

Chris Govier, general manager, Xerox Emirates, points out that PSPs no longer sell print as a ‘commodity' but instead as a part of a broader value proposition such as personalized marketing campaigns, books-on-demand printing or a seamless automated workflow for order to print to distribution for their end customers.


Products and Applications

Varnish finishingvariety on carton board – Algro Design Card

The new edition of the photo wall calendar from Actega Terra reflects a variety of varnish finishing on the bright white Algro Design Card carton board from Sappi. The theme of this year’s calendar ‘Cultures’ includes photographs that focus on people, their habits, everyday activities, their lives.


Doctor blade with special coating– Swedcut H7

 The Swedcut H7 has a special in-house developed coating for longer blade life through increase in wear and corrosion resistance. The coating is customized for low friction which minimizes cylinder wear and prevents the build-up of heat in contact between blade and cylinder.


Compact discharging bar– FlexIonR60

The Eltex flexION R60 AC discharge bar with a freestanding air-supportedspring tip achieves a very high passive discharge effect, whichenables active operation even at a low level of high voltage AC. A small amount of air can be blown through the spring tip to increasethe range.


Success story

“Printing is an important component of our event services”

Dubai World Trade Centre has invested in the Océ Arizona to keep up with its growing number of customisation jobs

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), the largest purpose-built complex for events and exhibitions in the Middle East,is expanding its services in event management, design and build by investing in sophisticated, versatile printing equipment. TheOcé Arizona large format UV flatbed printer was added to its event production division recentlykeep up with its growing number of customisation jobs.



Check in to the Printeriors 2017 hotel

Printeriors 2017, presented in the style of a hotel, will show print service providers, sign-makers, interior designers and architects how they can realise the potential of print and develop new business opportunities by producing striking, cost-effective, bespoke interior décor applications.



More events in the region in

تعبئة وتعليف


سبعة أمور عليك معرفتها عن طابعة (جي 7) وحماية العلامة التجارية

مارك ليفن مدير مشروع جودة الطباعة (SCHAWK) قال: سواءً أكنت عامل طباعة أو حتى مدير علامة تجارية معروفة تناسق الألوان أمر غير قابل للتفاوض.

يجب عليك أن تكون على يقين أن المطبوعات صورت بدقة من خلال أنواع وركائز الطباعة المتعددة، والتي تعتمد عليها العلامات التجارية من هنا ظهرت فكرة G7.


كل ما ستجده في معرض "سينو كوروغيتيد 2017"

يقام المعرض في الفترة الواقعة بين 11 و14 من شهر أبريل في شنغهاي نيو إنتيرناشيونال إكسبو سنتر-الصين.

سيقام المعرض بالتزامن مع معرضي "سينو فولدينغ كارتون 2017" و "تشاينا باكيجينغ كونتينر إكسبو 2017" وستشغل هذه المعارض 8 قاعات عرض فوق 110,000 م2 تقريباً من المساحات المخصصة للمعارض.


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